“storytelling + visual presentation + break through the noise + target your audience”

We work to craft a message, test it, perfect it and then deliver it in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Our communications approach is always personalized and tailored to fit the specific needs of our clients.

We utilize tactics that best fit your resources, and whether it be a well-authored speech, a digital media campaign, newspaper editorials, television ads, an impactful interview, or a combination thereof, we drive the conversation and narrative for you and your issue.

Strategic Communications

Each of our clients has unique needs and we provide tailored and innovative solutions that are specifically designed for their issue and situation. Understanding our clients’ business needs is equally important to knowing the political landscape that will ultimately decide the fate or outcome of their issue.

In a Mega-State as big and diverse as Florida, many different communities have vastly different leadership, focus, and concerns. In order to maximize opportunities and avoid missteps, client outreach, and advocacy campaign plans require a firm that intimately understands Florida’s state and regional attitudes and local politics.

At Floridian Partners, we help our clients identify political opportunities and evaluate risk factors at both the granular and big picture levels.

Once the assessment phase is completed, Floridian Partners’ team will tailor a strategic plan and implement a results-oriented solutions-based campaign.

Media Relations

Floridian Partners utilizes our knowledge of media outlets and media markets around the state to reach specific blocks of supporters and decision makers. We use every possible tool at our disposal to generate the best possible outcome for our clients.

Clear and concise messaging lays the foundation for all communication to government officials, media and the public at large. Leveraging skills honed in the political arena, Floridian Partners will help you develop key strategic messages that move agendas and resonate with those who matter most – your elected officials, your customers, and your community.

When you have something important to say, it’s time to call Floridian Partners.

Earned Media

Representing our clients in all the various forms of media is an important part of our overall public advocacy strategy. With our Earned Media strategies, we employ our experience and insight to place effective messages across Florida’s robust media landscape.

Combined with our Grassroots and Grasstops advocacy, we generate support through large numbers of letters to the editor, thoughtful op-ed pieces, blog postings, and many other message-focused media placements.

Earned media is an effective way to engage and mobilize our coalition allies and apply our communication skills to reach a wide audience through multiple, diverse outlets, including mainstream and minority newspapers, radio, television, and internet media.

Grassroots & Grasstops Outreach

Through grassroots strategies, we quickly build effective, broad coalitions of allies who appeal to our targets via meetings, emails, social media, telephone calls, and letters.

When it comes to political influence nothing beats constituency contact. Traditional Grassroots and Grasstops campaigns coupled with the new social media tools have proven even more effective in rapidly organizing, mobilizing and influencing key decision makers.

With our Grasstops approach, Floridian Partners utilizes these allies to make direct contact with decision makers. With Grasstops advocacy, we are able to go straight to the source and represent our client’s interests in the highest and tightest political circles.

Both Grassroots and Grasstops advocacy are being revolutionized by the introduction and use of social media. Floridian Partners provides the experience in effectively utilizing these new media outlets to represent our clients on Facebook, blogs, twitter, and other message delivery and opinion shaping platforms.

Many Grassroots campaigns begin and gain strength on social media sites; Floridian Partners employs the technical knowledge and strategic vision to harness these new forms of communication to your advantage while monitoring them to provide real-time feedback on how your issue is developing.

Paid Media

Paid media strategies involve leveraging financial resources to purchase highly visible and positive message reinforcement for our clients. Floridian Partners has a variety of methods to deliver effective media including television, radio, internet, direct mail, telephone banking, and advertisements across all communication and media platforms.

Paid Media lets us target a specific demographic for support and allows us to deliver a refined and controlled message to the public at large and specific targeted segments.