ahead of the curve + plan and anticipate before a crisis hits

respond with confidence, swiftly, and accurately + be calm, resolute, and adapt

Companies and organizations spend years building their brand and establishing their reputation. Oftentimes, when a crisis hits, your reputation and brand can be ruined in an instant.

Most often when disaster strikes conventional management practices are unequipped to maintain stakeholder and employee confidence, and the pressure can negatively affect the operations of your organization.

We thrive in a high stakes environment and respond swiftly, thoughtfully and confidently on your behalf.

We start by developing a crisis management plan and understand that such a plan must be nimble and adaptable to a dynamic crisis environment.

After the immediate crisis has past, our team continues to monitor and modify messaging, and helps companies as they transition back to a normalcy.

Successful crisis management requires the recognition of four new realities:

  1. News tweets it doesn’t break. Today’s crisis news moves faster than ever, shortening the timeframe a company has to respond.
  2. Stakeholder expectations demand active leadership from companies facing crisis situations. So, to be successful at crisis management companies must do more, and do it quickly.
  3. Authentic communication and engagement are crucial. As businesses respond to crises, they must continue to meet the stakeholder expectations.
  4. Every crisis has a different arc, as does the resulting news coverage and social media conversations.
    Floridian Partners crisis management team understands today’s archetype help to guide our clients through its challenges every day, whether we’re helping clients prepare for the worst-case scenario or responding to a crisis.

Crisis Preparedness

Our crisis preparedness training draws on Floridian Partners’ crisis management expertise and helps prepare clients by providing simulated flips, turns, and pressures of a real crisis.

Issues Management

Public opinion directly influences political decisions. Floridian Partners are experts in managing issue advocacy campaigns that provide third party support necessary to maximize direct lobbying efforts. From coalition building to earned media development to grassroots advocacy, Floridian Partners has the full-service expertise to advance your issue at the Capitol, local courthouse and within your community.

Our team provides counsel to address a wide variety of potential issues that can have an adverse impact on an organization’s reputation, from natural disasters to cyber security.

Labor or Restructuring Communications

One of a company’s most valuable assets is their employees. Our crisis management specialists are experienced in managing crises involving employees. Our areas of expertise include executive changes, labor and management problems, criminal activity and workforce reductions.

Litigation Communications

After a crisis, often there is litigation or conversely litigation can as trigger a crisis. The Floridian Partners litigation communications team is experienced in managing litigation involving intellectual property, wrongful termination, harassment, and discrimination.

Reputation Management

After the immediate crisis has past our team monitors, and modifies messaging, and helps companies to prepare for future crises.